Elegant Ivory Lace Butterfly Headband

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Further information:

  • Ivory butterfly
  • Faux pearls
  • Soft elastic headband
  • Lovingly handmade in the United Kingdom
  • Displayed on a branded card

Available in the following sizes:

  • XXS – fits newborn babies 13inch (approx 33cm)
  • XS – fits babies 0-6 month 14inch (approx 35,56 cm)
  • S – fits babies 6-12 month 15inch (approx 38,10 cm)
  • M – fits children 1-2 year old 16inch (approx 40,64 cm)
  • L – fits children 3-5 years old 17inch (approx 43,18 cm)
  • XL – fits from 6yrs- adults 18 inch (approx 45,72 cm)


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Grace and charm flutter together on this Elegant Ivory Lace Butterfly Headband. A pair of intricately designed lace butterflies alight gently, their delicate wings adorned with tiny pearl accents that catch the light with every turn. Set upon a soft, satin-elastic band in a harmonious ivory tone, this headband offers both comfort and style. Perfect for special occasions or adding a touch of sophistication to everyday wear, it’s a versatile accessory that your little one will adore.

Make any outfit soar with this touch of whimsy and elegance.


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