The leaves are slowly starting to turn those beautiful shades of orange and brown, and the crisp autumn mornings are finally here. If the summer heat put you off buying accessories for baby girl then now is your chance to shop around and find the ideal companion to your baby’s wardrobe.

Dressing your baby girl in accessories is fun and exceptionally cute. How many times have you walked past a pushchair and seen a little face staring up at you with a grinning smile and wide eyes below an oversized headband?

Baby girl accessories are available at many shopping chains and fashion outlets, but there’s nothing that quite beats intricately handmade baby accessories. To help you choose the perfect item, here’s our guide of how to shop for your little one over the next few months:

  • If you’re looking for young baby girl accessories, stick to elastic headbands

There’s nothing sweeter than a baby girl in a cute headband. They’re the perfect accompaniment to a crimson blanket when wondering through the park this autumn. Remember that your little one will probably move around quite a bit, so you’ll want something that will stick firmly and safely to their heads, while not hurting them at the same time. Elastic headbands are the perfect mix of both.

  • For special occasions either go for something slightly larger, or more intricate

This will obviously depend on how you want accessories for baby girl to fit with their outfit. There are some truly outstanding handmade baby accessories that feature large flowers and there are others that have more of a subtle beauty.

You’ll need to think about how much of a distraction the accessory will be. If she’s likely to not let go of a large bow or flower, then stay clear of larger items and stick to something smaller and more intricately designed.

  • If your baby girl has some hair, a bow will be a stand-out buy

Are you thinking about capturing the perfect family photo? Attending a friend’s baby christening or just want your girl to look even cuter (if that’s even possible)? Then try a clip-in bow.

Made with alligator clips, snap clips and bobbles, you’ll be able to find the ideal bow for your baby’s age. If she’s very young and still has quite wispy hair, an alligator clip will work much better than a snap clip will.

If you want to have a look around our collection of handmade baby accessories then we’ll be at the Baby Show at Olympia, London between 21st and 23rd October. Come along and find baby girl accessories perfect for your little one.