Hair accessories for babies are cute! But there’s more to them than looking gorgeous, they can actually be safety accessories too.

If you want to wait a little longer before you leap into a baby’s first haircut, but some strands are already reaching her eyes, then you may feel uncertain about what to do.

This is where baby girl hair accessories come in. They’re the most useful tool for keeping hair out of babies’ eyes. If you leave it to flop over her face, then she’s bound to become irritated and start pulling at it. Equally, if hair is constantly going into her eyes, she may start to get an eye infection like conjunctivitis.

The trick to stop this is simply by buying a few baby hair accessories – they look great, they’re practical, and they don’t cost a fortune!

However, when buying hair accessories for babies, you must remember a few important safety details:

  1. Remove hair clips and bands when she’s sleeping

Especially when you’re not around. You don’t want her to wake up, start pulling on them and putting them in her mouth.

  1. Make sure you choose baby girl hair accessories that don’t have parts that can fall off

If your baby is really young, she may start grabbing at the accessories. You don’t want to risk the chance of something falling off and getting swallowed. Stay away from cheap accessories with plastic cartoon characters glued on – these are conditioned to fall off (I’m sure!)

  1. Try to use tangle-free hair bands where possible

There will always be days when you tie her hair up so that it looks lovely, and then she tears it all out moments later. It happens – but what you don’t want to do is have her tear out hair at the roots too. Make sure the band is soft and tangle-free so it slides out of her hair easily.

  1. Make sure you buy the right size headbands

Baby hair accessories, especially headbands, come in different sizes. Double check that you’re getting the right size for her – you don’t want it falling down around her neck while she’s moving around.

There you have it – 4 simple things to keep in mind when buying new hair accessories for babies. Be warned though, once you start buying, you’ll never look back!